4 types of psychic mediums: Which one are you?

Allison Dubois brought the magic of psychic mediums to television.

Psychic mediums are those who have the ability to communicate with spirits who have crossed over to the other side. While some people are naturally stronger mediums than others, I believe we all have the ability to communicate with those who have crossed over, particularly souls that we have a strong emotional connection to.

If you’ve ever dreamt of a loved one who crossed over and felt like you really spent time with that person, there’s a good chance you did. I’ve had dreams of my father (who crossed over in 2004) in which we are talking and enjoying each other’s company. Each time I woke up from such a dream I had a feeling of peace and love and knew that the two of us had really been communicating in some way during the dream. In one dream, my father even told me that I needed to have life-saving surgery, which set me on the path of finding the surgeon who saved my life.  (This blog post contains more signs that a deceased loved one is reaching out to you through your dreams.)

However, the way that we communicate with those on the other side differs from person to person. Wondering what type of psychic medium you are? It depends on your strengths.

Are you an emotional medium?

An emotional medium is one that feels the connection with those on the other side. Emotional mediums can literally feel warm emotions such as love, as well as emotions such as fear. They might suddenly experience a strong emotional reaction upon thinking of someone who has crossed over, or they might sense that their moods change for no reason upon entering a space where a spirit is present. Empaths tend to be emotional mediums, and they may even mistake the feelings of someone who has crossed over to the other side for their own.

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Are you a mental medium?

Mental mediums may think at first that they are simply ‘talking to themselves‘ or carrying on a conversation in their heads when in fact they are communicating with those on the other side. Thoughts are the domain of the mental medium, and they must learn how to distinguish their thoughts from the thoughts of the spirits they are conversing with. Mental mediums may also simply ‘know’ what a loved one who has crossed over would think about a certain situation. They may assume that they know because they know how that person thinks, when in reality it’s because that soul communicated with them telepathically.

Are you a spiritual medium?

Spiritual mediums typically are clairvoyant and they may actually see their loved ones who have crossed over in their mind’s eye. They may communicate with their loved ones through dreams or they may have visions or have daydreams in which their dead loved ones unexpectedly appear.  Spiritual mediums are often very good at understanding the life lessons of those who have crossed over, and what those lessons are meant to teach us.

Are you a physical medium?

Physical mediums interact with those on the other side through physical sensations. One might smell the aroma of smoke around the spirit of a former smoker, or the scent of a dead loved one’s favorite perfume. Physical mediums may also experience the presence of loved ones who have crossed over to the other side through sounds, flickering lights and other spooky phenomena. Some physical mediums even report feeling a loved one who has crossed over touch them on the arm or shoulder.

No type of medium is better than another, and it is possible for you to have more than one type of ability. By learning to recognize your strength, you are able to notice when a spirit is trying to connect with you, and you can work on achieving a fulfilling communication session.

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