How to Get an Ex’s Energy Out of Your House

ex's energy

Breakups can be difficult. Not only must we learn to live without someone who has been a part of our life, but we must get used to not having an ex’s energy around.

And trust me when I say we know our partner’s energy. Think about the different people in your life and how you feel when those people are around you. You’ll notice that everyone has an energy blueprint that literally feels a certain way to you. Some people make you feel good and give you energy when they are around. Others leave you feeling drained or even achey when they come your way.

When you break up with someone, you have to remember what it is like to be without this person’s energy. Until you do, you may have a difficult time moving on.

Have you ever ended a relationship and felt fine until you saw that person again? Once you were in the presence of that person and felt their energy again, you regressed and felt like you weren’t as over the relationship as you thought you were. There is an energetic reason why this happened.

One thing that can keep you from moving forward after a relationship has ended is having bits and pieces of an ex’s energy still wafting through your house. How does that happen? If some of your ex’s belongings such as clothing or jewelry are lying around, you’re still interacting with some of your ex’s energy day in day out.

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Get rid of your ex’s clothing

Objects and clothing are infused with the energy of the people who wear them or hold them. Have you ever heard stories about psychics who glean information about a person by holding one of their possessions such as a watch?

The same holds true with objects and clothing belonging to your loved ones. The energy of that person often passes through to the object and if you’re sensitive to energy you can often pick up on it.

So what should you do if you’ve broken up with someone and you want to make sure their energy is no longer in your home?

Go through your house and identify anything that belonged to the ex. Put it together and bag it up. If you’re still on good terms with your ex, ask if you can meet them to give them the belongings. If not, you may want to mail them to the person. You can also donate the items or even throw them away if you ex doesn’t want them.

Cut the psychic cords

Sometimes you’re the one holding on to the energy of an ex, even if you’re not doing so at a conscious level.  A psychic cord  is basically a telepathic or energetic connection between the two of you. Just as a real-world cord ties two things together, a psychic cord literally ties you energetically to the other person.

With a psychic cord connecting you to an ex, you’re still allowing their energy to surround you and that could keep you from moving forward.

The good news is you can cut those psychic cords. Read about how to cut psychic cords here.

Smudge your space

Your main objective here is to make sure your ex’s energy is no longer in your home.

Another way to achieve that objective is to smudge your home, or cleanse your space of the energy of your ex.

Read this to learn how to smudge after a breakup. When it comes to moving on, do as much as you can to help yourself to move forward in your life. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.

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