Signs Your Spirit Guides are Trying to Contact You

Spirit Guides are trying to contact you

We all have Spirit Guides who are there to help us navigate through life. They help us overcome challenges and often will nudge us in the right direction. While we can call on them when we need their help, sometimes we may be veering down a wrong path and not even realize it. If they sense you are in a trouble, your Spirit Guides may try to contact you.

When a Spirit Guide tries to contact you, it’s likely not going to be in a dramatic way. Rather, Spirit Guides are subtle. They will likely give you signs that perhaps only you would recognize. In other cases, they will use universal symbols that are designed to get your attention. Here are some common signs you should look out for.

You look up and see repeating numbers

Have you ever seen a repeating number such as 111 or 222? Such numbers aren’t likely coincidences. Often Spirit Guides will nudge you awake or get your attention just in time for you to look at the clock at one of these auspicious times. Whenever you see a repeating number, pay attention; it could be a sign you Spirit Guides are trying to contact you.

You receive instructions in a dream

It’s not unusual to receive psychic messages in your sleep long before you start receiving psychic messages when you’re conscious and awake. That’s because when we sleep our defenses are down and our ego does not have such a strong hold on our minds. A Spirit Guide may speak to you in a dream or send you a telepathic message instructing you on how to handle a certain situation. If you ever wake up suddenly knowing what to do about a challenge in your life, you may have received guidance from a Spirit Guide.

You get the same message multiple times

Have you ever had someone tell you something and then later the same day or a few days later have another person tell you the exact same thing? Maybe a co-worker mentions a book they recently read, and the next day a friend suggests that you read the same book. In that scenario, your Spirit Guides may be trying to get the message to you that there is something in that a book that can help you. One of the best things about our Spirit Guides is they never give up on us so if we miss a message from them the first time, they will try again.

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You happen upon a white feather

Some Spirit Guide symbols are universal. White feathers are one of them. If you’re walking around outside and a white feather drifts by you, consider that to be an auspicious sign from the Universe. It’s one of the ways that Spirit Guides get our attention so pay attention to what comes next so you can get your message.

You find coins in odd places

You may have heard the saying: See a penny pick it up; all day long you’ll have good luck. Well perhaps you’ll have good luck because the penny was a sign from your Spirit Guides. Coins such as pennies and dimes that pop up in unexpected places often signal that your Spirit Guide is trying to tell you something so while you pocket the coins, open yourself up to see what other messages come to you.

You hear a certain song that means something to you

Your Spirit Guides may also contact you through a sign that is meaningful to only you, such as a special song that moves you emotionally and spiritually. If a song has special meaning to you and you feel like it’s a message to you whenever it randomly plays on the radio, believe that that is the truth.

What to do when you think your Spirit Guide is contacting you

If you suspect that a your Spirit Guide is trying to contact you, the message may not be immediately evident. It’s a good idea to be proactive about receiving the message. You can do so in the following ways:

  • Go into a private place and meditate. However, before going into meditation, ask your Spirit Guides to clearly send you the message.
  • Ask for more signs. If you feel like you’ve been given a message but you don’t understand it, ask for more signs to add clarity.
  • Do a tarot reading. If you work with tarot cards, this is a good reason to pull some cards and see whether the message comes through.
  • Talk to a professional psychic. If you’re really unclear about the message or you think it may be time-sensitive, ask a psychic to shed some light on the situation.

It’s also important to note that different Spirit Guides may have different ways of getting your attention because different Spirit Guides tend to have different personalities. The more you get to know your Spirit Guides, the better you’ll be able to distinguish between them and recognize each Spirit Guide’s signs. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.