Signs You Have a Soul Contract with Someone

Last Updated on June 27, 2017

soul contract

Think about someone in your life who you have an extremely strong connection to. It might be a friend who you met and instantly was able to trust. It might be a colleague who helped you out of a very tough work situation. It might be a romantic partner who you have not been able to shake out of your life. There’s a possibility that you may have a soul contract with that person.

When you have a strong attachment to someone, whether it is a positive attachment or a negative one, you and that person may have a soul contract. (That’s right – the person who you can’t stand who had a very negative impact on your life could also have a soul contract with you.)

A soul contract is an agreement made between two spiritual beings (between lives) about how they will help each other to experience a particular lesson during a particular lifetime. Any soul you make a contract with is a soulmate. One of the biggest signs that you have a soul contract with someone is if you learn a life lesson during your interactions with that person and vice-versa.

Say you want to learn how to honor your boundaries. You may have had a hard time saying ‘no’ in previous lives and your soul wanted to tackle that issue in your current life. Your soul could have made a soul contract with another spirit to help you to do that. That spirit may have incarnated into someone you had a relationship with who constantly walked all over you and did not respect your boundaries. You may eventually have gotten so fed up with that person that you finally stood your ground and established boundaries with that person. In that case, your soul contract would have been honored.

At the same time, that person may have wanted to learn how to respect others in this lifetime. When you finally learned to demand respect from this person — or if you ended the relationship because of that person’s lack of respect — that may have been your way of honoring that same contract.

Any relationship can be a soul contract. Often soul contract relationships are characterized by strong emotions, and it’s not unusual for romantic relationships to be soul contracts. When a relationship ends, it often means that the soul contract has been honored and the two of you no longer need to engage with one another.

If you recognize that you’re in a soul contract — or that a contract has just ended — it’s important that you take the time to learn what the contract had to teach you. Soul contracts are about lessons — important life lessons that will aid in your evolution. As you learn from your soul contracts, you will be following the path you intended to follow in this lifetime. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.