Communicating with the Dead During the Holidays

One of the most challenging life experiences is the death of a loved one. While memories can bring pain at any time of the year, the holiday season is particularly tough for some people who miss having their loved ones around. However, psychic ability makes communicating with the dead possible during the holidays (and any time of the year) if you’re open minded and willing to try.

communicating with the dead

I personally think about my deceased father more during the holidays than usual and I miss his presence when I’m around other extended family members.  When I see cousins getting to enjoy their fathers, I often feel sad because my father is no longer in the physical plane. After all, the holidays are a time when we focus on our relationships with family and friends. If someone has passed away, their absence may seem even more unbearable than usual.

Communicating with the dead may seem like something out of a movie, but in reality, our loved ones are never that far from us. Those who have experience studying past lives know that the spirit does not die and though our loved ones leave us on the physical plane, we can often communicate with them in different ways. Some people first learn to communicate with departed loved ones when those spirits contact them through their dreams. If you’ve ever had this experience, it can be extremely meaningful and comforting.

Since we’re often with family members and loved ones during the holiday season, it makes sense that our departed loved ones would want to make their presence known. Or if you’re alone during the holiday season, it can be natural for a departed loved one to want to comfort you by letting you know they are still around. It’s a wonderful thing, and nothing to be afraid of at all.

So how can you communicate with the dead during the holiday season? First, set the intention to communicate with your loved one. Ask your Spirit Guides to help you do it. Then, do the following:

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Pay attention. Try to slow down a little bit during the holiday season. I know it’s normal to be running around with a million things to do, but psychic ability works when you’re relaxed and focused. If you don’t meditate, try it this holiday season. When I got serious about meditating, I tried using these Mp3 audios and they helped. (You can try a free sample by clicking the link, but I’ll do a review of them at a later time.)  They use isochronic tones, which have a way of working with your brainwaves to help you to relax. If you already meditate, maybe add a few more minutes a day to your routine to relax yourself enough to pick up messages from departed loved ones during the holiday season.

Look for signs that have special meaning to you. One friend of mine knows her deceased mother is around when she smells cigarette smoke. This friend is clairalient, meaning she has the gift of psychic smell. She can be in a room with 10 people and noone will smell cigarette smoke except for her, and she’ll know that her mom, who smoked, is dropping in to say ‘hello.’ Another common sign is music. Does your departed loved one have a favorite song? If you hear that song during the holiday season, it could be a message that they’re around.

Trust your instincts. Some people have a knack for communicating with the dead. They just know or have a feeling that a loved one is nearby, yet they brush it off as being made up in their heads. You have to get over the impulse to brush aside your psychic hunches. If you feel that your loved one is nearby, trust that. Sometimes people feel an unexplainable feeling of love and protection. Forget about what your mind is saying; psychic ability is about your senses.

Pay attention to repeating numbers. Do you keep noticing repeating numbers such as 111 or 888? Repeating numbers are meant to get our attention, and often it’s someone from the other side who is causing you to look up at that very moment. When you see repeating numbers, pay attention to your thoughts. You might get a message from a departed loved one at that time.

Track your dreams. As stated earlier, many people find that dreams are the easiest way for them to communicate with dead loved ones. Since it’s so easy to forget your dreams when you wake up, keep a notebook or recorder next to your bed and write down what you remember as soon as you open your eyes. You may be surprised to find that communicating with the dead isn’t as difficult as you thought. may receive compensation if users buy products or services mentioned or advertised on this site or click on some of the links on this site.



  • Caroline Mcdonagh

    I can cannot to passed loved ones for others but yet i cannot connect to my own and nobody as of yet has been able to pick up on my passed loved ones

  • Hi Caroline, sometimes it’s harder to connect to our own loved ones than the loved ones of others because we’re emotionally attached. When we’re so focused on missing seeing our loved ones the way they were when they were alive, we sometimes miss the signs and symbols that represent the new ways that they communicate with us. Give it time, relax and be open. Wishing you have a peaceful holiday season.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to reply and Gibe your advice I appreciate it.
    I know that wanting it to much can block it so to speak . Since reading for others around 10 years now .
    For some reason it’s also as if nobody can read myself or pick up on a connection.
    Although I do know it is spirit that connects it does at times make me wonder

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