Why Some are More Vulnerable to Psychic Attack

vulnerable to psychic attack

Nobody wants to experience a psychic attack, but for some people, a psychic attack can be more debilitating than it is for others.

Some people are just wired to be deeply impacted by the energy of others, whether it is positive energy or negative energy. Others are strongly affected by psychic attacks because of actions they have — or have not — taken.

If you are one of the people who are more vulnerable to psychic attack, there are steps that you can take to reduce the impact.

What is a psychic attack?

Have you ever been around someone whose presence lifted your energy? Well the opposite can happen too, as it is also possible for someone to affect your energy in a negative way.

A psychic attack occurs when negative energy is directed from one individual or entity to another. It can be deliberate, such as if someone intends harm against another person. It can also be unintentional, such as if someone has envious thoughts toward another person and in the process sends negative energy their way.

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Psychic attacks can leave you feeling drained, fatigued, or riddled with other symptoms.

While anyone can be a vulnerable to a psychic attack to some extent, everyone won’t be affected the same way. Two different people could be subject to a psychic attack yet they may have different symptoms entirely. For example, one might start to experience recurring nightmares while the other might feel restless and have no idea why.

People who are particularly at risk

While some people are more likely to feel the affects of a psychic attack more strongly than others, that doesn’t mean you’re immune if you aren’t on that list. Psychic attacks are common and even if you are only slightly affected, it can be uncomfortable. With that said, here are three groups of people that may suffer more than others.


Empaths feel the sensations of others. In most cases, empaths feel the emotions of others; some empaths can even feel the physical sensations of others. Since empaths have this power, we know they are extremely sensitive to energy. As a result, they often pick up on energy that others don’t feel.

While empathy is a gift, it can be a challenging gift to have if you do not know how to control it. Feeling the emotions of others can be overwhelming. Imagine having to carry around somebody else’s sadness on top of your own everyday worries.

If someone is directing negative energy toward an empath, whether it is deliberately or unintentionally, the empath is likely to feel it in a more pronounced way than the average person because empaths are so sensitive. An empath may even experience it in the form of pain, discomfort, anxiety or any other number of ways.

Those with budding psychic abilities

Another group who may be impacted more than most is those who are just discovering their psychic abilities. When you are in the midst of a spiritual awakening or you are just starting to explore your intuition, you are often unfamiliar with ways to protect yourself psychically.

Yet at the same time, you may be excited about your newly discovered psychic abilities and paying attention to them more, causing you to be more open to supernatural experiences than other people.

That’s a perfect storm for experiencing strong effects of a psychic attack.

Those who don’t practice psychic self defense

Those who are new to discovering their psychic abilities often don’t realize that it is important to ground yourself and protect yourself from the energy of others. Psychic protection is not an action that you take one time and are finished with it. Rather, it should consist of a series of practices or rituals that you engage in regularly.

Using psychic protection techniques can effectively help you to put an energetic barrier between yourself and the rest of the world. Of course you can allow certain people to pass through that barrier but it should be your choice whose energy you interact with.

Ways to minimize your risk

So how can you lessen your risk of being strongly impacted by a psychic attack? The key lies in psychic protection. Even if you are an empath and naturally more vulnerable to a psychic attack, you can use psychic protection to keep the energy of others at bay. (In fact, if you are an empath, you should be using psychic protection techniques every day). Here are a couple of actions that may help.

Create a psychic shield. A psychic shield is like an energetic wall that keeps things out of your energetic space.

A simple way to create one is by visualizing yourself surrounded by a blanket of light and setting a clear intention to keep negative energy away from penetrating the blanket. You might also visualize the shield being a different color.

Take regular spiritual baths. Spiritual baths are different from your daily shower in that they are sacred rituals designed to cleanse your aura. Taking a spiritual bath can rid your aura of negative energy, so if you are the victim of a psychic attack, taking one can help to minimize its effects.

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