Signs you have an energetic connection

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One of the first things I noticed as I started to trust my psychic abilities more was that there were certain people I had natural energetic connections with. I’m not talking about people I’m close to such as family members, friends and the occasional soulmate stranger — a term I use to describe someone I just met who I feel like I’ve known all my life. Instead I’m talking about casual acquaintances, business colleagues and others who I feel a stronger connection with than the relationship warrants. 

Sometimes these energetic connections feel good and sometimes they feel bad. When they feel good, the relationship typically develops into a positive one that brings me some type of joy. When they feel bad (and I ignore them!) I end up regretting it, and in one case, I even got stabbed in the back (allegorically, of course).

Most recently, I had a positive energetic connection with a business acquaintance who I ended up accepting a consulting gig with. I’m enjoying the work and I even learned from this business acquaintance that he had a “positive gut feeling” about me when he met me — those are non-metaphysical person code words for intuition. I’ve learned to trust these energetic connections and I’ve also come up with a list of signs to help me recognize them. 

Telltale signs of an energetic connection

If you notice any of these signs, heed the message.

You instantly feel comfortable around the person

There’s a reason first impressions are often right. It’s because they tend to be intuitive, and intuition doesn’t lie. Chances are most people don’t make any impression on you; however, if you feel really good around a person — or really bad — your body is likely picking up on how the person makes you feel energetically. I’ve learned to trust that feeling because when I haven’t trusted it, I’ve often regretted it. I’ve also found that when I instantly feel something about a person, that person is probably going to play an instrumental role in my life in some way.  Sometimes I enjoy the experience with that person, while other times I don’t. Remember, soulmate relationships can be toxic if that type of experience is part of a greater lesson. There may even be times when you need to cut the cord to a soulmate relationship.  When you feel an energetic connection with someone immediately, it may also indicate that you have a past life connection that you are picking up on.

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The relationship progresses quickly

This sign doesn’t just happen with romantic relationships, though those are typically the ones people tend to think about when you bring up relationships that move fast. Have you had friendships that moved fast? A couple of times in my life I have met people who I instantly connected with and knew we were going to be good friends. They were both significant friendships; one appears to be lasting a lifetime. The other one ended painfully yet I learned a lot through the experience and that person introduced me to another friend who is very dear to me.

You have premonitions about the relationship

Sometimes you’ll intuitively know how certain things will play out in the relationship. You may meet someone and know you’re going to be good friends. I once had a premonition that a friendship with someone I had an energetic connection with would end when there were no problems with our relationship and the premonition didn’t make sense. Suffice to say I ignored that premonition at the time because it didn’t make sense, but in time, circumstances changed to match the premonition — another reminder for me to trust my gut.

Energetic connections can be positive or negative

As you explore your energetic connections, you’ll find that some are positive and enhance your life while others are negative and take away from your life. Here are some signs that an energetic connection is negative:

It causes you to put the welfare of others before your own well-being. (If you’re a parent with a minor child, I can see you doing this and I think that makes all the sense in the world. But if you’re putting other able-bodied adults before your own well-being, you’re in a toxic situation that is likely to blow up in your face.

The relationship brings you intense pain in your life. I think this tends to be more common in romantic relationships, but if being with someone brings you more pain than joy, it might make sense to cut the cord to that energetic connection.

You feel threatened or uncomfortable around them. This one is really, really important. When you intuitively feel threatened or in harm’s way when you’re around someone, pay attention at all costs. One of the biggest benefits of using our intuition is that it’s good at protecting us and keeping us out of danger, but we have to heed its warnings.

You feel codependent, as if you can’t go on without them. Codependency is not love, and when we feel like we can’t move forward without someone, we’re stunting our own spiritual growth. That’s not why we’re on this planet so this type of energetic connection is typically not good for us.

How to sever a painful energetic connection

If you do find that an energetic connection brings you more pain than peace, it’s time to take steps to sever it. This blog post provides some suggestions on how to cut the energetic cords that bind us to people who aren’t good for us.

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