How to miss meeting your soulmate

If you’re hoping to find your soulmate, it’s just as important to know what not to do as it is to know what you should do. Yes, the Universe will conspire with you to bring your soulmate to you, but you can literally walk right past him or her and miss out on what could be a great opportunity. Sure, you’ll eventually meet up, maybe later in this lifetime or in another go-around. But who wants to do that when the opportunity for you to be together is right in front of your face? Luckily, there are some precautions you can take to increase the likelihood that you’ll be ready to welcome your soulmate with open arms when he or she does come around. The following is a list of things you DON’T want to do if you’re on the path to connecting with your soulmate.

Don’t ignore your instincts. The best thing you can do to get on the path to your soulmate is develop your psychic abilities and learn how to read your own vibes. A soulmate connection is a spiritual connection that typically defies logic. So your logical mind isn’t going to help you to recognize your soulmate; nor will it help you to find him or her. Crafting a plan to go find and bring home your soulmate is not only a waste  of time, but it’s an exercise in frustration. Instead, you want to follow your instincts about everything — where to go, what to do, who to talk to… the list goes on. An intuitive urge to go to the grocery store across town rather than the one around the corner could be your higher self putting you in the right place and right time to cross paths with your soulmate.

Don’t maintain unmeaningful relationships. Sometimes we surround ourselves with people that we don’t care to be around because we’re afraid to be alone or we don’t think we can get something better. Many times we think this is harmless, as we well tell ourselves, “It’s ok if I’m with this person for now; when the right one comes I’ll leave.” But the problem with that is when we allow things in our lives to fill up space, it communicates to the Universe that we’re satisfied with what we have. We don’t need for the Universe to bring us more. By cutting loose those relationships that no longer serve us (or that never served us in the first place), we create room for the Universe to bring new relationships in.  In other words, you create an entryway for your soulmate to come in.

Don’t fill your life with too much stuff. Just like you can clog your world with meaningless relationships, you can clog your world with meaningless stuff, and that can keep your soulmate at bay. If your life is full of busy-work, keeping your mind cluttered and overly-active, you’re likely to miss those intuitive urges that are pushing you toward your soulmate and alerting you when you meet him or her. Take time each day to be still and clear your mind. That allows your intuition to strengthen and it allows you to hear that subtle voice that is oh, so wise. When this voice talks, you should listen. And when your life is too crowded, it’s often hard to make this voice out in the crowd.

Don’t give up on love. Finally, in order to keep the doors open for your soulmate, you’ve got to believe that your soulmate exists. If you’re one of those people who has given up on dating or being vulnerable because someone else has hurt you or let you down, you’re only hurting yourself by letting the person who hurt you still wield control over your life. That’s not to say that you don’t stay away from those who hurt you. But be grateful for the person who should you so clearly that they weren’t your soulmate so you could make way in your life for the real thing.

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