Why soulmate relationships don’t always work

One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that once they meet a soulmate they’ll be with that person forever. However, in many cases, soulmates aren’t meant to be life partners in a current lifetime. In fact, soulmate relationships can often be difficult.

soulmate relationships difficultSoulmates are those who come from the same soul group as we do. For that reason, our connection to soulmates tends to be stronger than the connection we share with the average person. Sometimes a soulmate crosses our path to help us learn a certain lesson. Other times we may be here to help them learn a certain lesson. In many cases, both of those statements are true. We have multiple soulmates over the course of a lifetime.

Some people mistakenly believe that soulmates are romantic partners. While a soulmate can be a romantic partner, it does not have to be. A soulmate can be a friend, family member, or even a perceived enemy. Think about it ~ some of our biggest lessons come courtesy of our ‘enemies.’

Soulmates come and go in our lives, which is one reason soulmate relationships can be difficult. Since we typically have a strong emotional connection to our soulmates, it can be very traumatic for us if we meet our soulmates and then later have to part ways with them. We may feel as if we’re destined to be with this person forever yet the person doesn’t seem to realize it. It may seem unfair that we’ve been brought together only to have to move on with life separately.

Soulmate relationships can be difficult

One thing that is important to note is that soulmates often share multiple lifetimes together. So if two soulmates separate in one lifetime there is a good chance that the relationship might pick up in some form in another lifetime. (You might have a different type of relationship in another lifetime. For example, a soulmate might be a friend in one lifetime and a family member in another.)

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Some people also confuse soulmate relationships with other types of relationships such as kindred spirits or twin flames.

Here are some reasons why two soulmates can part ways.

A life lesson has been learned and completed

Since soulmates come from the same soul group, sometimes they make sacred contracts with one another between lives to help each other to evolve. How do they help us evolve? By coming into our lives to teach us lessons.

For example, we might have a romantic relationship with a soulmate who is here to teach us how to set boundaries. This relationship might be painful, as the soulmate may be pushy, insensitive and more concerned with their needs than our own. The relationship may get so bad that we end up having to break up with the person for our own peace of mind. The painful experience would have taught us to set boundaries in our romantic life. If that was the purpose of the relationship, that soulmate might then move out of your life.

(If a romantic soulmate relationship doesn’t work out, don’t worry that you’ll never meet anyone you feel so strongly for again because chances are if you give it time, you will.)

The relationship could be a distraction

Another reason soulmate relationships may be difficult or not work out is because two souls who are so connected with one another may distract one another from achieving things they’re supposed to achieve in this lifetime.

Have you ever had a love experience that was so intense that it distracted you from all other things in your life? Depending upon what your purpose is in this lifetime, it may be better that you don’t spend this one with a particular soulmate who can keep you from fulfilling what you came here to do.

The two souls have different intentions

Sometimes we simply have different intentions in a lifetime than a soulmate, and those intentions conflict. This could be the case when friendships that were once so fulfilling suddenly end when you no longer seem to have anything in common anymore.

Just because you may have decided to go on different paths in this lifetime doesn’t mean you won’t have the strong connection to one another, so while your higher self may realize that this lifetime isn’t conducive to the relationship, your ego may still be fighting an ending to the relationship.

If you have questions about a current relationship, a psychic may be able to give you some insight into whether someone is a soulmate.

It’s important to note, however, that any soulmate relationship is eternal. Even if you part ways today, know that at some point in this lifetime or another one you will see that person again. The connection is too strong to deny it.

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