What to Do When You Overhear Someone’s Thoughts

overhear someone's thoughts

Your growing telepathic abilities can bring about unintended consequences. You may overhear someone’s thoughts telepathically even when that person did not mean for that to happen.

It’s like overhearing a conversation you weren’t supposed to know about, except it all happens on a telepathic level. 

As you might imagine, that could make things a little uncomfortable for you.

  • What if you picked up on your spouse or partner’s thoughts about cheating on you? 
  • Or perhaps you overhear your boss thinking about the layoffs he is planning to announce.
  • Another really tough situation is picking up on someone thinking about doing another person harm.

In any of these situations, the thoughts you are picking up on could leave you wondering what you should do next.

Why you receive unintended messages

So why would you overhear someone’s thoughts or get a message that is not meant for you?

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First it’s important to understand that it’s typically not because of something you’ve done wrong.  In fact, it could be an indication that you have been doing everything right. When you strengthen your telepathic abilities and become more receptive to telepathic thoughts, you may start picking up all kinds of things. (Related story: Learn these telepathic techniques you can try at work)

One of the keys to strengthening your telepathic abilities is to be able to quiet your mind so you can hear telepathic thoughts when they pop up. If you are always thinking about the past or worried about the future your focus is not on what you are receiving so you are more likely to miss telepathic thoughts. 

The same principal applies if you are always listening to background noise like loud music or a blaring television. Those sounds tend to scatter your attention, which, again, makes you more likely to miss telepathic thoughts. 

There is another reason you may be picking up on the thoughts of others that has nothing to do with you. The person whose thoughts you are intercepting may have weak psychic boundaries, which cause their thoughts to be broadcast more readily. On top of that, when a person is very emotional their thoughts tend to be louder and more easily picked up telepathically.

When someone who is emotional and has weak psychic boundaries comes in contact with someone who has a quiet mind and is staying present, that’s a recipe for an inadvertant telepathic communication. 

Is telepathic eavesdropping a thing?

So when you overhear a telepathic thought, are you, in effect, eavesdropping? I would argue no. The concept of eavesdropping suggests that you are purposely listening in on someone’s conversation. However, if you pick up on someone’s thought telepathically without trying, you are not intending to do so. 

Now if you walk around with your psychic antenna up with the goal of listening into people’s thoughts, that would be another issue entirely. You can read more about some of the ethical questions involved in using telepathy here. 

What to do with the telepathic message

So what do you in this situation? 

First, how certain are you that you are right? 

If you have any doubts about what you think you heard, it may be a good idea to wait some time to see if your psychic perceptions are true. For example, if you think you picked up on your partner cheating on you, look for other evidence or see if you pick up other lies before saying something.  Make sure you write down what you remember about the telepathic thought (you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget some of the details surrounding a psychic hunch).

Or use another one of your psychic skills to get some validation if you overhear someone’s thought. Are you good with tarot cards? I often use tarot cards to give myself mini-readings. You can learn my daily technique here.

You can also do a quick three-card spread in which you ask what you need to know about the telepathic thought you believe you picked up on. Lay the cards down and see if the messages you get from the cards correspond with the thought you received. 

Second, is it really your business? 

People who have strong psychic skills often pick up on things that have nothing to do with them. I can remember intuitively knowing a family member was about to be proposed to. I didn’t do anything with the information because it didn’t concern me, but I felt a sense of satisfaction that I had picked up on it before the official announcement. If the thought you pick up on doesn’t concern you, do nothing.

Now. What if the thought pertains to something that affects you.

This is where it gets tricky. If you overhear someone’s thoughts and are affected by it, you have to wonder if you were meant to pick up on that thought for a reason. Your psychic skills are meant to guide you and give you access to information that is not readily available through the five senses. 

If you’re picking up telepathic thoughts that impact your life, it’s probably a good idea to act on the information.  For example, if you pick up on upcoming layoffs, start updating your resume and reaching out to professional connections. 

If you pick up on someone’s thought about doing another person harm, look for a way to convey the information even if you do it anonymously. For example, you might call the police and leave a message on the tipline or you might send an anonymous letter to the person who could be harmed. If you want to also do some psychic protection work on the person’s behalf, you might want to create a psychic shield for them. Click here to learn how to create a psychic shield.

Or if you are worried about a loved one, you might give them a metaphysical gift that offers protection such as this energy shield necklace

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